article / June 2018

Adventures in China A Shares

With the inclusion of China A share stocks in select MSCI indices, the emerging markets opportunity set continues to evolve. We assess opportunities and risks to consider when evaluating this growing market.

article / October 2017

Harnessing Changes in Chinese Healthcare

We explore investment opportunities in Chinese healthcare from fundamental and quantitative angles.

article / February 2017

The Big Impact of International Small Caps

We demonstrate that small caps have the potential to reduce, not increase, portfolio volatility, and make strong arguments for an actively managed approach.

article / January 2017

Step Change: India

Causeway fundamental and quantitative research colleagues compare thoughts on the opportunity in India.

article / June 2015

Graduation Day: The Broadening Opportunity Set of MSCI Emerging Markets

What are the implications of adding new markets to the widely followed MSCI Emerging Markets benchmark? We examine the effects of "graduating" markets on the emerging markets investable universe.

article / October 2014

Scrappy Small Caps: Introducing Causeway International Small Cap Fund

We combine quantitative research with fundamental industry knowledge to access lucrative opportunities in small cap stocks.

article / March 2014

Broken Mirror: Better Times Ahead for Emerging Markets Equity?

After six cumulative years of lagging returns, why bother with emerging markets? We find opportunities in the struggling asset class.

article / December 2013

Why Quant? The Case for a Quantitative Approach to Emerging Markets

The future of global economic growth may lie with developing economies, but the emerging markets equity landscape is a minefield that requires careful navigation.